There’s still time to apply for the International Student Grant 2016!

Photo by Veikko Somerpuro

This autumn the University of Helsinki is giving about 50 start-up grants to our international degree students. The International Student Grant, or ISG as we say, is meant for students who are accepted to study in one of the chosen International Master’s Degree Programmes. The amount of each grant will be 1000-1500 euro (paid once) and the application time is open until August 31st 2016 15:00 o´clock (Finnish time GMT +2).

If you are an international degree student moving to Finland from abroad and have already been accepted to the University of Helsinki, you can apply for the grant. You are eligible to apply as soon as you have accepted your placement and registered for studies at the University of Helsinki.

Learn more about the grant and applying for it from the ISG web pages.

The job market has expectations – but what are they?

The career skills course can help students decide what they want to be when they grow up.

career skills course

Milica Maksimovic stands at one of the crossroads of her life. This January, she will defend her doctoral dissertation on neuroscience, but after that her future is open. To navigate the jungle of different options, Maksimovic took the Career Services course for English-speaking doctoral students, first one course for her own field and then another one for a multidisciplinary audience.

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Meet our Alumna! The research internship convinced Laura to the academic career

laura sibinescu

Name: Laura Sibinescu
Study field: Political Science
Graduation year: 2012
Employer and position: PhD student, Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki

How did you end up in Finland?

A few months before receiving my Bachelor’s degree I started looking into Master’s programmes on European studies. I wasn’t really satisfied with the options until one of my professors suggested I check what the University of Helsinki has to offer. This is how I found the Master’s Degree Programme in European Studies (MES), which was by far the best fit for my interests. There was quite a short time between discovering the programme and coming to Finland, so you could say that my decision to move here was pretty spontaneous. But I’m glad I followed through on it. Continue reading “Meet our Alumna! The research internship convinced Laura to the academic career”

Experiencing Finland – event for newly arrived university staff, Phd students and family members

Are you a new international staff member or a PhD student at the University? Come and learn more about the Finnish culture and traditions, and meet colleagues from Aalto University and University of Helsinki!

The Experiencing Finland event touches topics like Experiencing Autumn and Winter in Finland, How to Effectively Communicate and Socialize with Finns, Finland with Children and Working with Finns.

Family members are most welcome and coffee, tea and a cinnamon buns (korvapuusti in Finnish) will be served upon arrival!

You can read more about the event and register for it in Flamma (loggin with your university user account).

New websites for prospective postgraduate (PhD) students launched

The University of Helsinki has updated its website for postgraduate applicants as well as published a brand new website – a checklist – for new postgraduate students.

It is probably good to start off by defining who the University of Helsinki sees as a postgraduate (PhD) student as the definition might be different from some other parts of the world. Continue reading “New websites for prospective postgraduate (PhD) students launched”