It’s Time for Love & Anarchy


A new season is upon us; the days are getting a little shorter, hats and mittens are being pulled on left and right, and withered leaves are slowly covering Helsinki in a sheet of gold as the city quietens down for autumn. Yet across the capital, theatres are alive and buzzing in anticipation of the 28th annual international film festival, Love & Anarchy (17.-27.9.), which creative director Pekka Lanerva explains as having inherited its eye-catching name from Italian director Lina Wertmüller’s 1973 Film d’amore e d’anarchia: “It describes the festival perfectly; we not only have films about love and relationships, but there’s also politics, a lot of shaking things up and bringing new ideas to light” (Nyt-liite 11.9.2015).

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THINKFEST – Exploring and Experiencing Science


University of Helsinki’s Main Building (Päärakennus) has never looked as bright and colourful as this week, when pops of pinks, blues, yellows and blacks donned the entrance hall from floor to ceiling in celebration of Thinkfest. As one of the main events held in honour of the university’s 375th year, this urban festival invites and encourages everyone to participate in constructing definitions and ideas of ‘Global Helsinki’: What does it look like? Who does it belong to? And who gets to decide from which perspective a global Helsinki is viewed?

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Student Ambassadors in dialogue in Beijing

The Student Ambassador programme was launched at the university two years ago. The university waves the baton, but making the music sound fresh is ultimately down to the team of current student ambassadors.

Among the student ambassadors are M.A. students Chen Shuo and Dong Junru from China, who act as ambassadors and provide vital support to fellow international students in getting to know the university.

Claus Elholm Andersen: International Teacher of the Year 2014

Elholm Claus_2603-14_flammaphoto HY_Linda Tammisto copyEach year the Student Union of the University of Helsinki honours an international teacher who has made a unique contribution to the learning opportunities for their students.

Three years ago Claus Elholm Andersen said goodbye to the California sun and moved to Finland to teach Nordic literature and the Danish language at the University of Helsinki. This week his efforts at the University were rewarded with the Best International Teacher of the Year prize. Andersen received the prize during the International Evening. Continue reading “Claus Elholm Andersen: International Teacher of the Year 2014”

Next application period opens on December 1, 2014

viikki_labra_purkinkatselija2_veikkosomerpuro_400x281Thinking of study, but not sure where?  Find out what our international students and graduates have to say about us – The University of Helsinki might be the perfect match for you!

For international applicants the University of Helsinki offers a comprehensive selection of multidisciplinary, two-year International Master’s Programmes. They provide students with skills needed in demanding professions and give a solid foundation for doctoral studies.

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Who gets the biggest share? – HYY’s Representative Council elections 4th-5th November

The Representative Council elections of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) will be organised on 4-5 Nov. In the elections, the highest decision-making body of the Student Union, the Representative Council of 60 members will be elected. All student union members, nearly 28,000 students are entitled to vote in the elections.

On the election days, campus areas are taken over by the campaigns of candidate groups, election tents, candy distributors and election ads. The elections are visible particularly in the vicinity of polling stations, such as outside Porthania at Yliopistonkatu Street. In the elections, students may vote at a total of 12 polling stations on the four campuses of the University. In addition, students may also vote in the offices of the UH in Lahti and Vaasa.


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Grants for student organisations make many things possible

The University of Helsinki supports student organisations many ways.  For example  organisation can apply for a grant for study trips, organising seminars and congresses or visits by student organisations from abroad. Many dreams can be fulfilled with some financial help. Here is one story.

In September 2013, four students from the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki were selected to represent the fictitious states of Amalea and Ritania in the “Case Concerning the Malachi Gap”. These students, under the helpful watch of two coaches, competed on behalf of Team Finland in the Philip C. Jessup International Mooting Competition 2014.


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