Olivia Maury

Olivia Maury is a postdoctoral researcher. Her work critically examines the Finnish governmental aims to attract international talent with a focus on non-EU (in particular African) migrants’ socio-legal conditions. Her research also addresses the relationship between international students’ experiences of their actual possibilities of using the skills acquired in Finnish higher education in the labour market, as well as the embodied knowledge of the migration system produced while living as a non-citizen in Finland. Theoretically, the research draws on critical migration studies, socio-legal studies, feminist theory and theories of knowledge production.

Olivia’s research has been published in journals such as Sociology, Current Sociology, Work, Employment and Society, and The Nordic Journal of Migration Research. Olivia received her doctoral degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki. In June 2017 Olivia was a fellow at the Institute for Critical Social Inquiry, The New School for Social Research (NYC), in 2018 Olivia was visiting researcher at Université Paris V, and she did a research visit to Clare Halle College at University of Cambridge in May 2022.

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