About myself

I am a researcher at the Howy Jacobs Laboratory, afilliated with the universities of Tampere and Helsinki.

I am originally from Turkey, where I studied medicine. Then I was awarded a Ph.D. by Saitama University (Japan) for my work at Adrian W. Moore’s laboratory at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute (Japan).

The focus of my work is mitochondria, the powerhouses of a eukaryotic cell. I am studying what happens to the nervous system cells when mitochondria don’t work properly. I am using fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) for this purpose. My research has been supported by the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon), and the Finnish Cultural Foundation (SKR).

I have also been involved in public outreach in Turkish, mostly as essays and podcasts on the free online magazine Açık Bilim, to which I also contributed as an founding co-editor-in-chief. I also have contributed essays to the Turkish skeptic website Yalansavarand taken part in their podcats.

Recently I have published a book in Turkish on Finnish history and culture. You can read more about it in Turkish here.

Contact me by e-mail at Cagri.Yalgin[at]helsinki.fi or on Twitter @drYalgin.

Academic publications

Peer-reviewed papers

Diiron centre mutations in Ciona intestinalis alternative oxidase abolish enzymatic activity and prevent rescue of cytochrome oxidase deficiency in flies. Andjelkovic A, Oliveira MT, Cannino G, Yalgin C, Dhandapani PK, Dufour E, Rustin P, Szibor M, Jacobs HT. Scientific Reports 2015; 5: 18295.

Centrosomin represses dendrite branching by orienting microtubule nucleation. Yalgin C*, Ebrahimi S*, Delandre C, Yoong LF, Akimoto S, Tran H, Amikura R, Spokony R, Torben-Nielsen B, White K, Moore AW. Nature Neuroscience 2015; 18: 1437-1445.

Immunohistological labeling of microtubule distribution in developing Drosophila larval sensory dendrites. Yalgin C, Karim MR, Moore AW. Journal of Visualized Experiments 2011; 57: e3662.

Selection of behaviors and segmental coordination during larval locomotion is disrupted by nuclear polyglutamine inclusions in a new Drosophila Huntington’s disease-like model. Nishimura Y*, Yalgin C*, Akimoto S, Doumanis J, Sasajima R, Nukina N, Miyakawa H, Moore AW, Morimoto T. Journal of Neurogenetics 2010; 24: 194-206.

Non-refereed publications

I have found altered gene expression during epileptogenesis: what next? In: Genetics of epilepsy : Epilepsy Research Foundation workshop report. Pitkänen A, Pirttilä T, Yalgin C, Lukasiuk K. Epileptic Disorders 2007; 9: 216-222. Review.

Cholinomimetic treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Yalgın Ç, Tuncer-Elmacı N. Marmara Medical Journal 2001; 14: 245-254. Review.


“The Effect of Mutant N-Terminal Huntingtin on Dendrite Morphology Neuron Function in Drosophila”
Ph. D. thesis, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University, Saitama, Saitama, Japan.
Supervisor: Kazuhiro Yamakawa, Ph.D.