Politics of Co-creation Seminar – Yhteisluomisen politiikat seminaari

Next Friday, Master’s student Pauli Saloranta (University of Helsinki) and MA Andreas Sobe (Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture) will discuss participatory budgeting in Helsinki with discussants Post-doc researcher Titi Ertiö and Adjunct Professor Mikko Rask (University of Helsinki/ KTK). Pauli’s presentation will be held in Finnish with a preliminary title: ”Miksi budjetoidaan? Helsingin osallistuvan budjetoinnin tarkoitus ja tehtävä”. Andreas’ presentation is in English with the title ”Assessing design in a governmental organisation – A study on the impact of OmaStadi’s participatory budgeting design game on the City of Helsinki.”

Time: 3.5.2019, 13:15-14:45

Place: Unioninkatu 37, hall 1055



About the seminar

The Politics of Co-creation seminar is open to researchers and experts of science and technology, politics and policy-making, students and everyone interested in the related subject matters. The purpose of the seminar series is to provide a forum for discussing the role of co-creation in research, innovation, and decision-making.

Co-creation activities, in which products and services are developed together with end-users, has become an integral part for companies’ innovation processes. Recently, co-creation has also been addressed in the planning and coordination of science, technology and innovation policies, and subsequent management of academic research. In this way, the needs of various actors are being increasingly included in research and innovation processes through enhancing mutual interactions between researchers, experts, and knowledge users. However, there remains a considerable amount of ambiguity regarding the objectives and effects of emerging co-creation initiatives and subsequent changes in the research environment. The seminar aims to increase our understanding on the preconditions, contradictions, and opportunities co-creation activities may bring along.

The seminar series brings topical presentations and analyses of ongoing research at the University of Helsinki and the Consumer Society Research Centre as well as external experts. Examples of themes presented include:

  • Co-creation platforms and their integration into universities and academic research
  • Fourth sector and its role in research, planning and decision-making
  • The principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in practice
  • New capacities in co-creative research and innovation
  • Co-creation and participatory budgeting

FIT4RRI and BIBU- research projects form the background for the seminar. The research projects focus on investigating the implementation of open science, responsible research and innovation (RRI) and democratic innovations in Finland. Politics of Co-creation seminar continues the seminar series organized since 2015 in connection with the PE2020-research project.


Practical Information

The seminar will take place on Fridays at 1-3pm in about three weeks intervals.

Presentations will be held in Finnish or English.

The venue of the seminar varies, and is announced separately here below each presentation.



March 1, 2019 at 13.15-14.45

Public-private partnerships as policy tools for boosting innovation: proposing an international comparison through the Demola project

Presenter: Doctoral student Daniel Catala Perez, Polytechnic University of Valencia

Discussant: Chairman Petri Räsänen, Demola global

In this presentation, the application of the analytical framework to the Spanish and Finnish innovation systems is proposed in order to analyse the Demola case. Demola is an university-business collaboration model for the creation of new products and services, born in Finland but also applied in other countries such as Spain. This will allow us to analyse a similar instrument in two different innovation systems, with the implications that this will have to determine the influence of the different factors that condition the success of the different public- private partnership (PPP) formulas in a given country.

Venue: Unioninkatu 35, room 105


March 22, 2019 at 13.15-14.45

Osallistuvan budjetoinnin mallit ja trendit Suomessa vuosina 2009-2018 OSBU esitys

Master’s student Veronica Ahonen, University of Helsinki/ KTK

Osallistamalla kestävyyttä? Suomalaisten osallistuvan budjetoinnin esitysten ekologinen kestävyys Erikin esitys

Master’s student Erik Nyroos, University of Helsinki

Discussant: Päivi Kurikka, Senior adviser at the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (Kuntaliitto)

Venue: Unioninkatu 37, hall 1055


April 12, 2019 at 13.15-14.45

Funding instruments in research practice:  the case of Strategic Research

Presenter: Master’s student Susanna Vase, University of Helsinki/ KTK

Discussant: Prof. Kimmo Nuotio, Chair of Strategic Research Council at the Academy of Finland

Venue: Unioninkatu 37, hall 1055


May 3, 2019 at 13.15-14.45

Evaluating Participatory Budgeting: The City of Helsinki Case

Presenter 1: Master’s student Pauli Saloranta, University of Helsinki

Presenter 2: MA Andreas Sode, Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Discussants: Titi Ertiö and Mikko Rask, University of Helsinki/ KTK

Venue: to be announced


7 June, 2019 at 13.15-14.45

The 4th sector and wicked problems in Africa: a systematic literature review

Presenters: Masters student Ville-Pekka Niskanen and Docent Mikko Rask, University of Helsinki/ KTK

Discussant: Post Doc Thomas Sama, University of Helsinki

Venue: to be announced



Docent Mikko Rask, Email: mikko.rask[at]helsinki.fi, Tel. +358 50 3222 012

Post-doc Researcher Titi Ertiö, Email: titiana.ertio[at]helsinki.fi,

Course Assistant Susanna Vase, Email: susanna.vase[at]helsinki.fi, Tel. +358 400 442 458


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