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Conference Presentations

Identity, Citizenship and Sense of Belonging among Muslim Youth in Finland. In the Annual Conference of Finnish Political Science Association Political citizenship and participation among immigrants in Europe. 10-11.3.2016. University of Helsinki, Finland (A. Gelle).

Challenges of making participatory research documentaries. In the Conference Past Present Future. Ethical Creativity, Commitment and Criticism in Documentary Cinema and Filmmaking 19th May 2016, University of Haifa, Israel (H. Oikarinen-Jabai)

Expressions of cultural citizenship in the production of second generation Finnish Somalis. In 13th Nordic Youth Research Symposium (NYRIS) YOUTH MOVES – Voices – Spaces- Subjectivities , at Trollhättan, Sweden, 16. June 2016. (H. Oikarinen-Jabai)

Performative methods as a way to reach embodied experiences in in-between spaces. In the Conference Rethinking arts-based & artistic research – and global/local communities 28.6.2016, at Aalto University, Helsinki. (A. Gelle and H. Oikarinen-Jabai)

The Perceptions and the Role of Educated and Integrated Somalis Concerning Sustainable Integration in Finland. In the Conference Iska Warran/Somalit Suomessa  8-9.8.2016. Lieksa

Identity, Citizenship and Sense of Belonging among Muslim Youth in Finland. In Pre-Conference of Sociological Knowledge-Making Practices Under Scrutiny 10.8.2016. University of Helsinki (A. Gelle)

Art based and performative participatory research approaches as ice-breakers of homogenous cultural citizenship. In the workshop Belonging and Participation in the Nordic societies 10-11.11. 2016, at University of Turku (H. Oikarinen-Jabai)

Performative and art based methods as a tool to explore belongings and resilience of young Finnish people with immigrant and/or Muslim background.  Cultural Studies “Crossroads in Cultural Studies” conference, at University of Sydney, Australia, 14-17.12. 2016. (H. Oikarinen-Jabai)

Identity, Citizenship and Sense of Belonging among Muslim Youth in Finland. Etmu Days 22.11. 2016, Joensuu, Finland  (A.Gelle)

How to study securitized Muslim youth: questions of trust, temporality and participation. Etmu Days 26.11. 2016, Joensuu, Finland  (A.Gelle & M.Tiilikainen)

Presentation: Participatory research as a tool to understand the resilience of young Muslims (3.3.) Workshop together with Skyller Walkers: Knocking Down Walls in Order to Build Bridges: A Sentient Approach to Activism (5.3). ESREA (European Society for Research on the Education of Adults). Life History and Biography Network Conference: Discourses We live by, (How) Do they benefit the world we live in? Aarhus University, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2–5.3.2017. (H. Oikarinen-Jabai).

Esitelmä Nuoret muslimit Helsingin moninaisissa tiloissa. Kaupunkien aika Kaupunkitutkimuksen päivät Helsingissä 27.4-28.4.2017 (H. Oikarinen-Jabai)

Presentation: Young Finnish Muslims negotiating their belongings. Pathways to Resilience IV: Global South Perspectives. Cape Town, South-Africa 13-16.6.2017. (H. Oikarinen-Jabai)

Presentation: Making of an exhibition as part of a participatory study. Afroeuropeans: Black Cultures and Identities in Europe. VI Biennial Network Conference. University of Tampere, Finland, 6-8 July 2017. (W. Elfadl, A. Adam, H. Oikarinen-Jabai)

Presentation: Negotiating cultural citizenship in the participatory project. Migration Culture and Nation. 8th Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research. Helsinki 23-25.8.2017 (H. Oikarinen-Jabai)

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Other events

Maastamuutto – alkaako tulevaisuus nyt? – Mahdollisuuksia tutkijoiden ja elokuvantekijöiden yhteistyöhön 10.3.2016 in Tampere. (H. Oikarinen-Jabai, W. Elfadl)

Najma Yusuf and Helena Oikarinen-Jabai discuss their book Toisin silmin (By Other Eyes) in the Nights of the Arts in the The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies 5.8.2016.

Najma Yusuf and Helena Oikarinen-Jabai discuss their book Toisin silmin (By Other Eyes), Women’s Day Happening Tiede Goes East at Iiris-Center, Helsinki, The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies 8.3.2017.

Aamiaiskaivo: vainotuista vallanpitäjiksi. Vähemmistöt ja poliittinen muutos. Koneen säätiö (M. Tiilikainen ja H. Oikarinen-Jabai).

Iska-Warran – Somalis in Finland 17-18.8. 2017. (A. Adam, M. Tiilikainen)

Photo Najma Yusuf

Photo Nahma Yusuf

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Photo Hiam Elfadl