Volume 1, 2012

IJE4D Journal

ISSN: 2242-7430



Fred Dervin, Regis Machart & Julie Byrd Clark

Pages i-iv



Original articles


What is the connection between the actions of the principal and the involvement of Latino immigrant parents in an elementary school setting?

Alicia Miguel & Barbara N. Martin

Pages 1-21


Leadership and school cultures: Democratic participation of diverse teachers in Icelandic compulsory schools and preschools

Hanna Ragnarsdóttir

Pages 23-40


Cultural diversity in the early childhood classroom in Australia: Educators’ perspectives and practices

Sylvia Buchori & Toni Dobinson

Pages 41-56


The path of Intercultural Education in Greece during the last three decades: Reflections on educational policies and thoughts about next steps

Nektaria Palaiologou

Pages 57-75


Enhancing intercultural learning through the exchange student experience: Insights from Hanken School of Economics (Finland)

Martin Fougère & Beata Segercrantz

Pages 77-101


The place for a renewed interculturality in Finnish higher education

Céline Tournebise

Pages 103-116


Twice invisible: Intermediate-level student interpreters, interculturality, pedagogy and paradigms

Stuart D von Wolff & Anu Viljanmaa

Pages 117-131






Towards a Humanism of the diverse

Martine Abdallah-Pretceille

Pages 133-136




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