Frequency: 1 issue per year

ISSN: 2242-7430

First issue published in autumn 2012. 

Starting in 2015 the International Journal of Education for Diversities (IJE4D) will be published by IGI Global (headquartered in the USA) under the name the International Journal of Bias, Identity and Diversities in Education. Although the name will change, the philosophy and perspective will remain the same.

The journal will now be published on paper and online twice a year and still be fully blind peer reviewed.

The original editorial team (Dervin, editor-in-chief; Byrd Clark and Machart, associate editors) will continue to work with IGI to assure the quality and relevance of the journal’s content. This exciting development underlines the quality of the journal and the high level of interest in our approach to diversities in education. IGI’s international profile will allow us to disseminate the journal more widely and to make sure that we get support in managing the work on the journal. This change will also increase the journal’s impact factor.

Although IJE4D will be discontinued, the three published volumes will remain on the website.

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