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Markus Kröger

Associate Professor in Development Studies

Title of Docent in Development Studies 2014; D.Soc.Sc. Political Science/World Politics 2010; MA Latin American Studies/Intercultural Encounters 2005, University of Helsinki; BBA International Business 2002, Helsinki School of Economics

Research focus areas:

  • Brazilian studies
  • Global natural resource politics
  • Tree plantation expansion in the global South
  • Forestry (particularly pulp and paper) and mining (particularly iron ore) investment and conflicts
  • Social movement strategies and economic outcomes
  • Political economy, development and globalization in Latin America and India
  • Critical agrarian studies
  • Future of forestry, forest policy, and deforestation
  • Global land rush in the Tropics and the Arctic
  • Methodology of comparative politics and world politics


Unioninkatu 35
00014 University of Helsinki

Contact information:


Phone numbers: +358 (0)2941 24948; +358503185018 (mobile)

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skype: markus.kroger2