Markus Kröger is a Professor of Global Development Studies at the University of Helsinki and a research fellow at the Academy of Finland. Professor Kröger is a member of the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science and one of the founding members of The Global Extractivisms and Alternatives research initiative (EXALT). He has written extensively on global natural resource politics, conflicts, and social resistance movements and the economic outcomes, especially in relation to iron ore mining and forestry. He is also an expert in political economy, development, and globalization in Latin America, India, and the Arctic.


Background: Title of Docent in Development Studies 2014 (University of Helsinki); D.Soc.Sc. Political Science/World Politics 2010; MA Latin American Studies/Intercultural Encounters 2005, University of Helsinki; BBA International Business 2002, Helsinki School of Economics

Research focus areas:

  • Brazilian studies
  • Global natural resource politics
  • Tree plantation expansion in the global South
  • Forestry (particularly pulp and paper) and mining (particularly iron ore) investment and conflicts
  • Social movement strategies and economic outcomes
  • Political economy, development and globalization in Latin America and India
  • Critical agrarian studies
  • Future of forestry, forest policy, and deforestation
  • Global land rush in the Tropics and the Arctic
  • Methodology of comparative politics and world politics


Address: Unioninkatu 35
00014 University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland)

Email: markus.kroger(at)helsinki.fi

Phone numbers: +358 (0)2941 24948; +358503185018 (mobile)

You can find me on: LinkedIn, Google Scholar, Academia, ResearchGate