The Finnish Educators Assemble in the University of Helsinki (21.12.2015)

Opening remarks; Vice Rector, Professor Anna Mauranen, University of Helsinki

Opening remarks; Vice Rector, Professor Anna Mauranen, University of Helsinki

The Finnish education professionals from different universities gathered in the University of Helsinki on Monday (21.12.2015), before the Christmas holiday, to converse on the establishing of the national “Sino – Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute”. The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, the Embassy of Finland in Beijing and the Academy of Finland were also represented in the meeting.

The gathering was a part of the collaborative efforts between the Chinese and Finnish universities on the field of education. The main theme was related to the agreement signed in Beijing last month (16.11.2015) between the Beijing Normal University and the University of Helsinki about establishing a platform for the national level coordination of the collaboration; the Sino – Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute.

The dialogue between different universities was very productive and all of the participants agreed on the importance of the national level cooperation. Many of the Finnish universities have an ongoing collaboration with the Chinese universities and this was seen as an important resource for the future cooperation. The establishing of the Sino – Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute will be conversed more in the coming months after the holidays to outline the platform before March 2016.

Thank you for the productive meeting for all the participants (remote and present), for the IT- support on the remote connections and everyone involved in the arrangements!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Digital Storytelling Goes Beijing


Last November Digital Storytelling traveled in Beijing where Veera Kallunki and Marianna Vivitsou discussed previous research experience and findings with Primary School Teachers, Principals, Professors and Post-graduate students at the Department of Educational Technology, Peking University.

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Digital Storytelling Goes Beijing

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The Collaboration Between Finnish Universities and China’s Leading Teacher Education University Strengthened

Finnish delegation witnessed the signing of two agreements by Beijing Normal University (北京师范大学) and the University of Helsinki on strengthening the Sino-Finnish collaboration in education.

The aim for the first agreement is to enhance collaboration on several different aspects of education between the University of Helsinki and the Beijing Normal University; teacher education, research cooperation and to establish joint master’s program.

The second agreement considers a broader view of the Sino – Finnish collaboration on the national level. This agreement concerns the Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute which is a platform for enhancing the collaboration between Chinese and Finnish Universities. Beijing Normal University and University of Helsinki being the national coordinating universities for the cooperation.

These agreements are an important concrete step, not only for the fruitful collaboration in the field of education, but also for enhancing the mutual cultural exchange and understanding.

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China’s leading teacher education university to cooperate with Finnish universities

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Opettajien koulutuksessa aloitetaan yhteistyö Pekingin kanssa