This year’s organizers are Anna Lintunen, Magdalena Okuljar, Tero Siili, Miikka Dal Maso, Kajar Köster, Oskari Kangasniemi, and Núria Altimir.


Anna Lintunen, University of Helsinki

I am a research coordinator in INAR and ACCC Research Flagship, and docent in tree ecophysiology. My special interest is in studying winter behavior of trees and how boreal forests respond to changing climate conditions.

Research group web page. Find me on Twitter.




Magdalena Okuljar, University of Helsinki

I am a doctoral student and a student representative to the board of the Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Helsinki. I investigate the air quality in Helsinki.




Kajar Koster, University of Eastern Finland

I am a University Researcher (Interactions of ecological disturbances and atmosphere) in University of Eastern Finland, and docent in Forest Disturbance Ecology. Currently investigating the short and long term effects of forest fires on the stability of carbon pools in Boreal forests, estimating carbon turnover on disturbed Boreal and Arctic areas, and studying the carbon neutrality of reindeer management.



Oskari Kangasniemi, Tampere University

I’m a doctoral researcher in the Aerosol Physics Group in Tampere University. My main interest is studying the evolution of traffic-related particle and gas phase emissions in the atmosphere.




Núria Altimir, University of Helsinki

I am a research coordinator at INAR who prefers to be called Graphics Officer. I like to produce all sort of visual outputs to help communicate science results and scientific activities.

Find me on Twitter





Tero Siili, Finnish Meteorological Institute

I am since April 2021 research coordinator for the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s ACCC Flagship activities and also contribute to the joint operations of the ACCC. ACCC’s research areas are new ground for me and the Flagship’s higher-than-usual emphasis on the societal impact of research is a particularly motivating feature.


Coming soon: Miikka Dal Maso.