Project overview


Duration: 01/02/201430/04/2017

The AEROWOOD project will study ways to prepare novel highly porous and lightweight aerogel materials derived from wood. The project will work on all major wood components (cellulose, hemicelluloses, and lignin), as well as on whole wood and unbleached pulp. The aim is to find new possibilities for valorisation of lignocellulosics to value-added advanced functional materials. The special emphasis will be given on systematic structure-function relation studies. New ways of introducing reinforcements, bioactive compounds, functional packaging constituents, quantum dots, and sensing moieties to the aerogel matrixes will be initially explored and finally exploited. Putting final applicability upfront, preparation of raw wood-based materials will be an important part of making aerogels. The processes will be carried out using smart technologies, integrating safety and possible toxicity aspects, towards sustainable solutions for a better use of wood-based materials in aqueous and environmentally compatible systems. The project targets to establishing the proof-of-concepts, to understand the mechanisms affecting aerogel formation and characteristics, and aiming to vast and diversified application prospects. The main emphasis will be put on intelligent and active packaging and biomedical applications. The proposed project will result in new insights in utilizing the most significant wood biorefinery products, considering and exploiting outputs at all process stages.




WP1: Material collection, isolation and modification
WP2: Cellulose- and wood-based aerogels
WP3: Hemicellulose derived hydrogels and aerogels
WP4: Lignin-based aquogels, aerogels and carbon aerogels
WP5: Application potentials of aerogels in packaging and health care
WP6: Reporting and dissemination
WP7: Coordination and project management

Work packages