Kollegium henkilo¦êkuvat 2013-61-UusiI am Professor of Global Development Studies at the University of Helsinki, Finland. I am also Director of the “Political, Societal and Regional Changes”–Doctoral Programme at the University of Helsinki, and Adjunct Professor of Political Ecology, University of Tampere, Finland.

My research focuses on global extractivisms and altered socio-environments, with special interests in state-making, resource-making, political of scale, and dynamics of socionature. I am carrying out research on oil conflicts, water and vulnerabilities, disasters and displacements, certified coffee and cacao, environmental justice, and urban politics and planning. I have long-term research experience in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. I am currently leading research projects, with geographical focus on Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, Peru, India, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, and Finland.

Main Research Interests

    • political ecology
    • global extractivisms, oil conflicts
    • water and vulnerability
    • disasters and displacements
    • environmental justice
    • urban politics and planning
    • certified coffee and cacao
    • Latin America, global South