Asymmetries in European Intellectual Space is an Academy of Finland sponsored project (2013-2016) that seeks to investigate in an interdisciplinary manner intellectuals between centres and peripheries. The project is based at the University of Helsinki.

The project explores the large and complex topic of centres and peripheries from the perspective of the periphery. The project investigates small country intellectuals moving between the centres and peripheries of cultural Europe and develops a multidisciplinary approach dealing with history, literature studies, philosophy, sociology and politics.

The project leader is Marja Jalava and the senior or postdoctoral researchers are Stefan Nygård, Emilia Palonen, Johanna Rainio-Niemi and Johan Strang. The sub-projects are intimately connected, investigating the canon-building and peripheral strategies of Finnish cosmopolitan intellectuals (Nygård, history), Hungarian Marxists (Palonen, politics) and Nordic analytic philosophers (Strang, philosophy), as well as the centre/periphery relations of early Nordic social historians (Jalava, history).

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