Labs and funding

Research facilities

AMI Centre, Aalto University

Cognitive Brain Research Unit, University of Helsinki

BioMag laboratory and Department of Radiology, Helsinki University Central Hospital

This research is supported by the Academy of Finland (grant #297848, “Modulations of brain activity patterns during selective attention to speech”, 2016-2020) and by the Strategic Research Council (grant #312529, ”Growing Mind: Educational transformations for facilitating sustainable personal, social, and institutional renewal in the digital age, Work Package 1”).

Previous funding by the Academy of Finland (grants: #201160, 2003-2006; #210186 & #209709, 2006-2007; #210587, 2007-2010; #260054, 2012-2016; #265528, 2013-2016), the National Doctoral Program of Psychology, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (2012-2014), Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Sweden (2014-2015), Research Funds of the University of Helsinki (2006-2010), and NOS-HS (Nordic Center of Excellence in Cognitive Control, 2005-2010) is also acknowledged.

Research Group