Mosquito Foodways

When you think of mosquitoes you will probably think about the blood they suck from you, alongside disease and their peskiness. What about what we eat and its relationship to mosquitoes?

A preliminary scour of the internet reveals that research on the connection between food and mosquitoes appears seems to focus on how personal consumption impacts mosquitoes biting you, and even that seems relatively sparse. (One can also think about what mosquitoes nutrition is like)

There is however a long tradition of research on agriculture and its relationship to mosquito habitats and their flourishing etc. But what about our collective diets. There has been a radical change in what humanity eats, how does this contribute to ‘mosquito biting rates’ or ‘mosquito pressure’ – not simply to inform personal nutritional choices in an individualistic sense but for example, what does a shift toward processed carbohydrates mean in terms of mosquito biting rates, both in the sense of the aforementioned link to habitat changes but also in the highly complex relationship to how we move, smell, sweat, dwell, adapt etc and thus how mosquitoes find, target, bite etc humans?


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