Chemistry experts have a key role in resolving global problems. The doctoral programme in chemistry and molecular sciences (CHEMS) is focused on basic studies in experimental, theoretical and computational chemistry, from small molecules to macromolecules, with research themes involving synthesis, isolation techniques, characterization, analytical methods and spectroscopy. The programme provides high quality doctoral education, which prepares for careers in research, expert services and other related tasks, in both academic and business contexts.

In addition to providing coordinated studies in the existing courses in chemical, physical and pharmaceutical sciences, the involved research groups organize advanced courses in their respective areas. The programme also includes researcher meetings 1-2 times a year, with presentations from reputable visiting lecturers to stimulate motivation and collaboration in studies and working with the scientific community.

The programme is organized with collaboration between Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Department of Biosciences at the University of Helsinki.