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Welcome to our project

Our aim is to provide a new perspective on current discussions on resistance to transitions, ownership of the energy transition and energy justice. We do so by zooming into tensions that are common to particular everyday life situations rather than locations: electric vehicles, home refurbishment, heating systems, energy vulnerability and changing relations between energy companies and their customers.

Through our empirical research, we develop the link between competence and inclusion in the energy transition by exploring how new competences of using and producing energy relate to particular practices and create identities and affordances for participation. We aim to develop a conceptual contribution on the relationships between competence, inclusion, affordances for participation and identification (or non-identification) with the energy transition.

We plan to organize workshops, guest lectures and one-on-one meetings to help find out-of-the box solutions for engaging citizens in the energy transition through research-based understanding. Please get in touch if you are interested in our project: