Project team

A training centre of high-quality human resources; an excellent scientific research & technology transfer centre, especially in key areas such as: Education, Agriculture – Forestry, Health, Economy, Industrial Technology, Foreign languages, and Information Technology

TNU:  Multi-discipli-nary training, research & technology transfer centre, contributing to the socio-economic development of the Midland and Northern Mountainous Region

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, PhD: Assoc. Professor at Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Local project leader for CLIDEV

Ho Dinh Bao, PhD: Lecturer at Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Local coordinator for CLIDEV

Train undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers, and technology transfers in the fields of agriculture, forestry, rural development, natural resources, and environment to create highly qualified human resources, scientific and technological products.

TUAF:  Serving the integration of industrialization and modernization for the Midlands & Northern mountainous areas in the country

Tran Thi Thu Ha, PhD: Dir. Institute of Forestry and Sustainable Development. Local project leader for CLIDEV

Do Hoang Chung, PhD: Lecturer at the Institute of Forestry and Sustai-nable Development. Local coordinator for CLIDEV

As part of the Hue University, the Institute of Resources and Environment (IREN) provides scientific research and technology transfer for the development of the central and highland regions of Vietnam.

IREN/HUEUNI: Improves postgraduate education on resources, environment and climate change.

Ho Dac Thai Hoang, PhD: Lecturer and Director of Institute of Resources and Environment (IREN) and CLIDEV's local project leader.

Dinh Tien Tai, PhD: University Researcher and  coordinator of the CLIDEV project

Hoang Huy Tuan, PhD: vice-director of Center for Research, Consultancy on Natural Resources Conservation and Sustainable Development (CRCSD)

Ngo Tung Duc, PhD: University lecturer, Multiple Criteria Analysis and System Dynamics Modeling

Tran Nam Thang, PhD: University lecturer, FLEGT / REDD+ / PES

The Vietnam National University of Forestry (VNUF) is a science and technology centre for forestry, natural resources and environmental education, contributing to the sustainable socio-economic and environmental development in rural, midland and mountainous areas of the country.

VNUF:  Leading university training highly qualified labor force to meet the development demand of Forestry and Rural Development

Dr. Bui The Doi, PhD: Professor of Silviculture and Vice-President of
VNUF. Local project leader for CLIDEV

Dr. Hai-Hoa Nguyen, PhD: Vice-Dean Forest Resources & Environmental Management Faculty . Local coordi-nator for CLIDEV

Do Anh Tuan, PhD: Assoc. Professor Forest Policy and Director of Centre for Sustainable Forest Management.

Tran Thi Thu Ha, PhD: Assoc. Professor of Environment Economics, Deputy
Head of International Cooperation

Bui Manh Hung, PhD: University Lecturer and Vice-Dean of Faculty of Silviculture

Hoang Van Sam: Assoc. Professor of Forest Tree Identification, Head of
International Cooperation

Pham Minh Toai, PhD: Senior Lecturer, Head of Training Division

Through its Learning by Developing pedagogical (LbD) approach, which emphasizes learning in real-life settings in collaboration with external stakeholders, Laurea University of Applied Sciences (LAUREA), will support co-creation of innovative learning environments.

LAUREA: Support needs assessment reports, MOOC courses and innovative tools

Tuija Hirvikoski: Director at Laurea, multi-stakeholder, woeking on user-centred innovation design and ecosystem development (Living Labs)

Virve Pekkarinen: Digipedagogical Expert, development of digital learning opportunities through open educational resources and MOOCs

Teemu Santonen: His work focuses on open innovation, foresight, co-creation, service design and living labs themes as well as curriculum and course development 

Jukka Ojasal: Working on curricular development and co-creation of learning environments

Tarja Laakkonen: Project specialist on admiration, communication, and organization of boot camps

Through the Viikki Tropical Resources Institute (VITRI), the University of Helsinki provides academic training and research on forests and related natural resources in tropical and developing countries.

VITRI/UH: Overall coordination of the project, support for capacity building activities and co-creation of new curricula

Eshetu Yirdaw: CLIDEV's Project leader, working on biodiversity, restoration ecology and agroforestry. Link

Nicholas Hogarth: Forests and livelihoods, planted forests/reforestation, forest landscape restoration, plantation forestry, bamboo. Link

Dipjoy Chakma: Value Chain Analysis, Livelihood analysis, Community Forest Management, Sustainable Management of Non-Timber Forest Products. Link

Adrián Monge: REDD+, community forestry,
vulnerability and adaptation to climate change, sustainable forest management. Link