Collective Intelligence Tools repository

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As digital technology develops, there is an increasing demand for public organisations to employ digital tools to facilitate citizen participation in policy-making processes. The rise of Civictech and GovTech markets reflects this trend. Nevertheless, public managers, especially at the municipal level, face difficulties choosing the right digital tools due to the fragmented digital ecosystem and complex technologies. Few digital tool repositories exist that could help public managers (except PeoplePowered’s Digital Participatory Platforms).

Against the backdrop, COLDIGIT has published the Collective Intelligence Tools repository, which contains more than 70 tools and 50 cases exemplifying the use of tools. The repository categorises digital tools by purposes, co-creation methods, supported steps in the governance processes, functions, maturity, and supported languages. Therefore, users can explore their best tools according to different uses and contexts. We also offer a glossary and guidelines for using the repository. A forthcoming joint academic paper will systematically analyse the landscape of digital tools to provide policy implications.