Academic degrees


  • Viljami Leino
    PhD 16.8.2018
    Infrared Behavior of SU(2) Gauge Theory


  • Tommi Markkanen
    PhD 5.5.2014
    Applications of Curved Space Field Theory for Simple Scalar Filed Models of Inflation


  • Viljami Leino
    MSc 5.2013
    The Complex Langevin Method
  • Tuomas Vanhala
    MSc 11.2013
    Simulating Scalar Electrodynamics in a Dual Representation
  • Timo Kärkkäinen
    MSc 11.2013
    Neutrino mass hierarchy and leptonic CP violation discovery confidence limits in LAGUNA


  • Anne Mykkänen
    PhD 5.12.2012
    Applications of lattice field theory to large [latex]N[/latex] and technicolor
  • Jarno Rantaharju
    PhD 6.7.2012
    Mapping Conformal Field Theories on the Lattice


  • Janne Kuokkanen
    PhD 12.2011 (University of Oulu)
    Non-Linear Small-[latex]x[/latex] Evolution Equations and Their Applications to Describe High-Energy Scattering Processes
  • Joni Suorsa
    MSc 6.2011


  • Tommi Markkanen
    MSc 5.2010
    Chiral symmetry on the Lattice