Programme: Odense workshop

Tuesday, 30 May
9:30-10:00Opening remarks
Jonas Juul (Technical University of Denmark): “Hypergraph patterns and collaboration structure”
Roberta Sinatra (University of Copenhagen): “Academic mentees succeed in big groups, but thrive in small groups”
11:15-12:15Keynote presentation
Dashun Wang (Northwestern University): “Initial Progress on the Science of Science”
12:15-13:30Lunch break and sandwiches
13:30-14:30Presentation & panel discussion
Petri Ylikoski (University of Helsinki) & Samuli Reijula (University of Helsinki): “Science studies as a social science”
Roberta Rocca (Aarhus University): “Cognitive diversity promotes collective creativity: an agent-based simulation”
Jesper Schneider (Aarhus University): “Consistency and validity of interdisciplinarity measures”
Minsu Park (NYU Abu Dhabi): “Interdisciplinary Papers Supported by Disciplinary Grants Garner Deep and Broad Scientific Impact”
Yangliu Fan (University of Copenhagen): “Unveiling (Inter-)disciplinary Trajectories: Investigating Scholars’ Expedition through Scientific Periodicals”
Yotam Sofer (Copenhagen Business School): “Tweet your way to a journal: Social Media Engagement and Scientific Output”
19:00Dinner at Pasfall
Wednesday, 31 May
9:00-10:45Working in groups
11:15-12:15Keynote presentation
Erin Leahey (University of Arizona): “What Types of Novelty are Most Disruptive?”
12:15-13:30Lunch break and sandwiches
Stavros Ioannidis (University of Athens): “Interdisciplinarity and explanatory integration: some philosophical perspectives”
Jens-Peter Andersen (Aarhus University): “Norms and Sources – Changing trends with consequences for the science of science”
14:30-15:30Keynote presentation
Hanne Andersen (University of Copenhagen): “Questioning (some) legends about interdisciplinarity – and what that means for studying IDR”
16:00-17.00Concluding session
19:00Dinner at Fynboen