Arctic Change

The Arctic has become a hot topic in the recent years – quite literally. Global climate change is affecting the environment in this area home to various indigenous peoples and endangered species of wildlife. The melting ice is opening new paths tnatural resources that have been safeguarded by ice caps. Different stakeholders try to take advantage of these, giving way to a phenomenon titled “the Cold Rush” or “Arctic Resources Race”. How is the situation affecting the global power relations? How can we protect the Arctic and reduce the risks both locally and globally and taking all environmental and socio-economic aspects into account? 



Sustainable food production 9.00-13.30

Food produces about 18% of an average Finn’s carbon footprint. Alimentation is something very personal but at the same time a global question of managing our planet’s limited resources. Is organic farming a sustainable solution for feeding the rapidly increasing population? How about reducing meat consumption? The Covid-19 pandemic potentially started from a traditional Chinese food market, which are also known for the poor situation when it comes to animal rights. At the same time, people in Western countries eat tons of industrially produced meat and the use of antibiotics has caused even more covid-related deaths. Can we judge people in Wuhan? How about food security at the national level – how to ensure it, and at the same time take into account the different ecological and ethical dilemmas? 


Risultato immagini per student evolution

Looking to the future

A PhD is a big step in the life of an aspiring researcher, but also a great challenge! From the first application to the day of the dissertation, our students and experts will take you into a detailed journey into the life of a PhD student, and answer to your questions.