CosmoCoffee is a weekly seminar at the University of Helsinki where researchers in cosmology and related fields gather to discuss the field’s recent developments and published articles over a cup of coffee. We gather on Thursdays 14:15-15:00.



      • 23.9.2021 — Daniel Cutting “Shan–Chen interacting vacuum cosmology” 2109.08676


Former discussions:


Former presentations:


      • 25.4.2019 Vera-Maria Enckell: Higgs-R^2 inflation — full slow roll study at tree level.
      • 11.4.2019 Valtteri Lindholm: Clustering of CODEX clusters.
      • 21.3.2019 Sami Raatikainen:
      • 7.3.2019 Jong-Hyun Yoon:
      • 21.2.2019 Eemeli Tomberg: Preheating in Palatini formulation of Higgs inflation.


      • 17.5.2018 J-M Ojanperä: Ashtekar formalism and non-minimal coupling to a scalar field (eventually Higgs).
      • 3.5.2018 Vera-Maria Enckell: Higgs-R^2 inflation.
      • 26.4.2018 Valtteri Lindholm: Tweaks to galaxy 2-point correlation function estimators.
      • 15.3.2018 Pyry Wahlman: Are Palatini formalism and metric formalism equivalent in Lovelock gravity?
      • 15.2.2018 Eemeli Tomberg: Higgs inflation at the hilltop.