Criminological Seminar, University of Helsinki

Criminology is one of the research areas of the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences. Criminological Seminar trains professional researchers by providing high-quality education and supervision for doctoral students focussing on crime and crime control. Students typically have a Master’s degree in Criminology, Sociology, Social Psychology, Psychology, History or Law. Methodologically, the seminar is multi-dimensional, bridging quantitative, qualitative and historical methods in the study of crime and its control. PhD projects range from curiosity-driven research to applied research, often with considerable impacts on society and policy.

The Criminological Seminar is located at the Faculty of Social Sciences under the auspices of the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences, but it is open for students from other faculties. The research focuses of the seminar reflect its close cooperation with the Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy (KRIMO).

The seminar convenes on Wednesdays as indicated by the annual schedule. Typically, students present research plans or article/chapter drafts, which are then discussed by other students, supervisors and KRIMO researchers. Guest lectures are also offered.

Please note that all legally relevant information on application processes is given on the official pages of the Doctoral Programme. On these web pages, we give general and additional information on how the Criminological Seminar specifically works. We also describe its research focuses, which are essential to know before considering application.