PhD Supervision

If you are interested in me supervising your PhD, send me a short and focused proposal and include your CV (

Please also read the following pages.

About studying in Finland:

(see section of this website called my PhD students)


Areas of expertise:

– Critical approaches to education for diversity in primary, secondary and higher education

– Social justice, Human rights and education

– Migration and identity

– International academic mobility and migration (physical/virtual)

– Intercultural competences (and assessment)

– Perception of multicultural/intercultural education in the media and in daily life

– Multicultural families/couples and education

Research methods include: (cyber-)ethnography, discourse analysis, conversation analysis, ethnomethodology.





Suggested journals where you could publish:


ROUTLEDGE Journals (ethnicity, migration…)

Articles for ICS

Cross-cultural Research 

Education, Citizenship and Social Justice


Identities: Global studies in Culture and Power

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication Research

Intercultural Education

International of Journal of Intercultural Relations

Journal of Intercultural Studies

Journal of International and Intercultural Communication

Journal of Language, Identity & Education

Journal of Multicultural Discourses

Journal of Multilingual & Multicultural Development

Journal of Studies in International Education

Language and Intercultural Communication

Multicultural Education & Technology Journal

Multicultural Perspectives

Nordic Journal of Migration Research

Power and Education

Social Identities

The International Journal of Multicultural Education

Globalisation, Societies and Education

The Journal of Multiculturalism in Education

Interculture Journal

Pedagogies: An International Journal



The International Association for Intercultural Education

 National Association for Multicultural Education

International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication (IALIC)

The International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies 

The Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism


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