About me

My academic promise is to never stop reflecting upon the ever changing world of social phenomena surrounding us.

I hold a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki. My research is the field of environmental policy and governance, in particular pertaining to shipping and maritime activities, energy transition, and transformation of socio-technical systems. Geographically, I am interested in Baltic and Arctic regions, as well as wider Europe. I see writing essays, critical texts, popular science articles and advancing virtual intellectual spaces as a core of researcher’s social responsibility.

Prior to becoming a full-time academic, I actively engaged as a youth leader in non-profits in Russia and Germany working on projects related to intercultural communication, tolerance building, and sustainable development.

I am passionate about museum knowledge reconstructions, archeological excavations and sights, baroque opera, and visual arts (in particular, Flemish painting and contemporary conceptual performances). In my free time I enjoy playing piano, water sports (sailing, windsurfing, swimming), baking cakes and pies, and meeting friends to talk about science and society.

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