DAIA – Ecosystem for Sustainable Growth

Welcome to Ecosystem for Sustainable Growth, a pivotal sub-project within DAIA. The objective is to create a collaborative model that seamlessly integrates education with technology export, aligning with the unique societal structures of South Africa.

This initiative operates through a comprehensive work package, targeting hierarchically different levels of ecosystems and cooperation models. At the highest ecosystem level, South African society as a whole is examined, considering factors such as the workforce, industrial verticals, and the changes brought about by the fourth industrial revolution. Simultaneously, cooperation is fostered at lower ecosystem levels, building on the competence of companies and the public and private education sector.

The sub-project delves into the macro levels of South African society, connecting overarching needs with tailored training solutions for diverse industrial verticals. To this end it addresses key research questions, exploring how the ecosystem is constructed, how digital academies function within it, and how the education ecosystem should link to technology export ecosystems and South Africa’s top-tier structure. The aim is to define South Africa’s top-level ecosystem and establish an operating model that allows Finnish companies to engage in significant projects swiftly.

We intent to shape a future where businesses can adapt and thrive in real operating environments, utilizing ecosystem thinking to create comprehensive solutions not only for the South African market but also for global replication.