Monthly seminar in fall 2019

13 September 2019

Ekaterina Mikhailova (UEF) The image of the “Slavic Unity” festival in the media space

23-25 October 2019

19th Aleksanteri Conference “Technology, Culture, and Society in the Eurasian Space

Here you will find a list of DRS-featured panels

1 November 2019

Nuriiar Safarov (UH) “Digitalisation of services and Russian-speakers in Finland”

Nadezhda Stepanova (UH) “Sustainable Development in Sparsely Populated Regions”

13 December 2019

Adi Kunstman (Manchester Metropolitan University) “Rethinking digital inevitability: how digital futures might shape information sovereignty, memory and the environment”

Alexander Gurkov (UH) “Blockchain, crowdfunding and smart-contracts – new instruments for the revival of cooperatives in Russia”