Monthly seminar in spring 2019

11 January 2019: DRS Core presents

Andrey Indukaev (UH) “Mapping the political discourse on ‘innovation’ and ‘digitalization’ in Russia”

Mariëlle Wijermars (UH) “Strategies of Persuasion: Russian Propaganda in the Algorithmic Age”

1 February 2019: Innovation and Digitalisation in Russia

Anna Lowry (UH) “Russia’s Digital Economy Program: An Effective Strategy for Digital Transformation?”
Sari Autio-Sarasmo (UH)
“Innovative Economy in Russia: Presentation of a Project”

8 March 2019: International Women’s Day Special

Olga Dovbysh (UH) “New gatekeepers in town: how groups in social networking sites control information flows in Russia’s province”

5 April 2019: Frames and intersections

Pihla Toivanen (UH) “Computational Frame Analysis of Populist Counter Media”

17 May 2019: DH perspectives on sub-national governance in Russia

       Daria Gritsenko (UH) “Algorithmic Governance in Context(s): Civic technology in Russian regions”

       Andrey Starodubtsev (UH) “Gubernatorial Blogging in Russia:  Methodological Perspective”

7 June 2019: Closing of the third batch

Nelli Piattoeva (Tampere University) “Digitalizing education in Russia: a governance perspective”

Joan Neuberger (University of Texas at Austin) “Social Network Analysis and the Soviet Film Industry”