Monthly seminar in spring 2018

5 January 2018: Opening ‘meet-and-greet’ session

Dr. Mila Oiva (Aalto University) “Using Two Sets of Glasses: Yves Montand goes to the USSR”

Prof. Ekaterina Protassova (UH) “Russian Digital Humanities at the Dept. of Modern Languages”

2 February 2018: Methodology workshop

Prof. Arto Mustajoki (UH) “The research use of Integrum database from a wider perspective”

2 March 2018: Cake-for-comments

MA Ira Österberg (UH) “A quantitative approach to film music and Soviet Cinema 1965-1984”

MA Justyna Pierzynska (UH) “Knowledge politics in the semipherifery: Unexpected historical brotherhoods in CEE media”

6 April 2018: Cake-for-comments

Dr. Reeta Kangas (University of Turku) “Counting Propaganda: Pravda, Political Cartoons, and the Great Patriotic War”

MA Teemu Oivo (UEF) “Internet Forums and Research Ethics”

4 May 2018: Russian Media Lab-special

Dr. Mariëlle Wijermars (UH)  “Control the News Feed, Control the News? Measuring the Impact of Russia’s News Aggregator Regulation”

13 June 2018: Closing of the first batch

Dr. Saara Ratilainen (UH) “Online media and algorithmic culture in Russia”

Dr. Mikhail Kopotev (UH) “Copy-paste and other diseases: linguistic tools for plagiarism treatment”

Special guest:

PhD Maria Khokhlova (Saint-Petersburg State University) “Collocations. What’s that and how to deal with them?”