Photo by Sonja Raunio

Sonja Kosunen works as a university lecturer at the university of Helsinki and as an affiliated researcher in the DYNO-project. Kosunen has conducted the fieldwork for DYNO in Denmark and Iceland during the year 2016. Her general interests in research include urban and school segregation, inequalities in transitions in education, comparative studies, and families’ educational strategies in cities in more general terms. The main research project she is currently leading and working on is called Privatization and Access to Higher Education (PAHE).


Petteri Hansen works currently as a post-doctoral researcher in the DYNO-project. Before DYNO he has worked in various tasks in the Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki. After his dissertation (May 2016) Petteri has been living and collecting data in Norway and Sweden. Petteri’s general interests in research include travelling educational policies and systems theory.


janne3Janne Varjo is the principal investigator of DYNO project. He works as a lecturer at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences (UH), and more particularly within the Research Unit focusing on the Sociology and Politics of Education, at the University of Helsinki. His research interests include sociology of education, history of education and administration, economy and planning of education.



Tommi Wallenius works as a postgraduate in the DYNO project. Tommi’s main research interests focus on evaluation and assessment policies in education. On the side of the DYNO-project he is writing his doctoral thesis “Schools, Performance and Publicity in Finland and Sweden.