Joint courses

Students from all partner institutions have access to in-person and online courses organised by any of the partner institutions.

Spring 2021 (online)

  1. Altaic Linguistics: Chaghatai
  2. Grammatical Voice
  3. Historical Linguistics
  4. Language and Writing*
  5. Natural Language Processing for Low-Resourced and Endangered Languages
  6. Pragmatics
  7. The Nivkh Language

Autumn 2021 (online)

  1. Anthropological Linguistics
  2. Chinese Linguistics*
  3. Introduction to Korean History and Culture
  4. Language and Gender
  5. Language Typology
  6. Ottoman Turkish

Autumn 2022 (online)

  1. Intercultural Approach to Understanding Chinese Politics*

Spring 2023 (in-person)

  1. Languages and writings in ancient inscriptions of Southeast Asia*

Autumn 2023 (Hybrid)

  1. Altaic Linguistics

* NSEANET courses specially designed, organised and jointly taught by the teaching staff from all the partner institutions.


Guest lectures in regular curricula

Spring 2022 (online)

  1. Historical Linguistics (University of Helsinki & Mahidol University)
  2. Pragmatics (Mahidol University)
  3. Sociolinguistics (University of Helsinki)
  4. Uralic Linguistics (University of Helsinki)

Autumn 2022 (in-person & online)

  1. Archaeological Analysis and Interpretation (Silpakorn University)
  2. Cultural Studies of Music (Mahidol University)
  3. Korean Art (Silpakorn University)

Spring 2023 (online)

  1. Semantics and Pragmatics (Mahidol University)
  2. Advanced Research Methods in Linguistics (Mahidol University)

Autumn 2023 (in-person)

  1. Linguistics for Epigraphical Studies (Silpakorn University)
  2. Tai Palaeography and Manuscripts (Silpakorn University)


Thesis co-supervision and examination

Hakka language vitality in Thailand: Sociolinguistic and Geographic Perspectives

Successfully defended on 4 November 2022

  • PhD candidate: Sutthiphod Phiranawong (Mahidol University)
  • Supervisors: Siripen Ungsitipoonporn (Mahidol University) & Erika Sandman (University of Helsinki)
  • Examiner: Seong Lin Ding (University of Malaya)

Expressives of Kam (Dong) from the perspective of functional linguistics

Successfully defended on 24 August 2023

  • PhD candidate: Hui He (Mahidol University)
  • Supervisors: Pattama Patpong (Mahidol University), Yuttaporn Naksuk (Mahidol University) & Chingduang Yurayong (University of Helsinki & Mahidol University)
  • Examiner: Seppo Kittilä (University of Helsinki)