Other Publications

On this page I have listed many of my publications sorted into English- and Finnish-language publications. I have added pdf versions of or links to several articles.

Selected Publications in English

2021 Bias in the Science and Religion Dialogue? A Critique of “Nature of Evidence in Religion and Natural Science.” (academia.edu version)

2020 “Barth and the Return of Natural Theology.” (academia.edu version)

2019 “Is Classical Science in Conflict with Belief in Miracles? Some Bridge-Building Between Different Positions.” (academia.edu version)

2018 “Design Discourse: A Way Forward for Theistic Evolutionism?” Neue Zeitscrift für Systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie. (academia.edu version)

2017 “Natural Theology in Evolution: A Review of Critiques and Changes.” The European Journal for Philosophy of Religion. Vol. 9. No. 2. (author’s preprint version)

2016 “Salvaging Biological Design Arguments in Light of Darwinian Evolution?” Theology & Science.(author’s preprint version)

2016 “Methodological Naturalism and the Truth Seeking Objection.” The International Journal for Philosophy of Religion. (author’s preprint version)

2016. The Intelligent Design Debate and the Temptation of Scientism. Routledge Science & Religion Series. London : Routledge.

2016. “The God of the Gaps, Natural Theology and Intelligent Design.” The Journal of Analytic Theology. (published version)

2014. Intelligent Design: A Theological and Philosophical Analysis. Doctoral Thesis. Helsinki: Helsingin yliopisto. 2014. (published version)

2013. “Tensions in Intelligent Design´s Critique of Theistic Evolutionism.” Zygon, vol. 48 no. 2, 251-273. (author´s preprint version)

“Hope (Life After Death).” Encyclopedia of Sciences and Religions. Ed. N. P. Azari, A. Runehov, & L. Oviedo. Springer. 1009-1010.

“David Hume and the Voice From Heaven.” St Petersburg Center for the History of Ideas: The Philosophical Age. Almanac. Issue 37. David Hume and Northern Europe. 90-104. (published version)

Selected Publications in Finnish

2015. “Toisten todistus syynä uskoa Jumalaan ja evoluutioteoriaan.” [Testimony as a Reason to Believe in God and Evolution.] The Finnish Journal of Theology. 1, 23-37. (published version)

2015. “Luonnollinen teologia kritiikin kohteena.” [Natural Theology Under Critique]. Areiopagi.fi. 09.04.2015. (freely available)

2015. “Miksi ylipäätään keskustella tieteen ja uskonnon suhteesta?” [Why Discuss the Relationship of Science and Religion?] Areiopagi.fi. 17.3.2015. (freely available)

2014. “Luonnollinen teologia.” [Natural Theology.] In the book Modernin teologian suuntauksia. Olli-Pekka Vainio ja Lauri Kemppainen. Pages 60-83. Helsinki: Kirjapaja.

“Onko tiedeuskovaisuus itsensäkumoavaa?” [Is Scientism Self-Refuting?] Perusta, no. 4, 216-218. 2014. (freely available)

2014. ” ‘En ollut tyytyväinen ajatukseen teologiasta ja tieteestä kahtena eri maailmana.’ J Russellin haastattelu.” [‘I was not satisfied with understanding science and religion as two separate worlds.’ An interview with Robert J. Russell.] Areiopagi.fi. 27.5. (freely available)

2013. Book review: “Kari Enqvist: Uskomaton matka uskovien maailmaan.” The Finnish Journal of Theology, 5/6, 522-524. (freely available)

2013. “Kosmologia ja moderni luonnollinen teologia.” In J. Salminen (Ed.), Ihminen, uskonto ja luonnontieteet: Suomalaisen Teologisen Kirjallisuusseuran symposiumissa marraskuussa 2012 pidetyt esitelmät. (Pages 59-75). (Suomalaisen Teologisen Kirjallisuusseuran julkaisuja; Nro 277). Helsinki: Suomalainen teologinen kirjallisuusseura.

2013. Book review: “Conor Cunningham: Darwin’s Pious Idea: Why the Ultra-Darwinists and Creationists Both Get It Wrong.” The Finnish Journal of Theology, 1, 86-88. (published version)

2010. “Humen kritiikki suunnitteluargumentteja vastaan modernin keskustelun valossa.” [Hume´s Critique of Design Arguments in Light of the Contemporary Discussion.] The Finnish Journal of Theology. 5, 471-492. (published version)

2009. “Litteän maan myytti: Tapauskertomus uskonnon ja luonnontieteen suhteiden historiasta.” [The Myth of the Flath Earth: A Case Study of the History of the Relationship of Religion and Science.] Tieteessä tapahtuu, vol. 29, no. 3, 19-24. (published version)

2009. “Kansanomaista biokemiaa ja luomisuskoa, osa 2.” [Intuitive Biochemistry and Creation beliefs, part 2.] The Finnish Journal of Theology, no. 6, 608-621. (published version). co-author Jaakko Sorri

2009. “Kansanomaista biokemiaa ja luomisuskoa?: Kommentti Elisa Järnefeltin artikkeliin.” [Intuitive Biochemistry and Creation beliefs: A Comment to Elisa Järnefelt.] The Finnish Journal of Theology, no. 2, 166-174. (published version). co-author Jaakko Sorri

2008. “Intelligent Design, tiede ja teologia.” [Intelligent Design, Science and Theology.] Vartija : ihminen, uskonto, yhteiskunta, no. 4, 141-148. 2008.

2008. Kertooko luonnon järjestys suunnittelusta? Michael Behe älykkään suunnittelun ajatuksen puolustajana. Pro gradu. Helsingin yliopisto. [Master´s Thesis.] (published version)

A more complete list of my publications and activities is available in the University of Helsinki research database TUHAT. 

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