The conference is organized by the Academy of Finland research project “Emotions and the Cultural History of War in Finland, 1939–51,” led by Prof. Henrik Meinander at the University of Helsinki.

The project studies the history of Finland in World War II and its immediate aftermath from the perspectives of the history of emotions and cultural history of war. The aim is to develop the methodology and theory of the history of emotions and to analyze the interplay of individual and social emotions in a modern war. The Finnish war and homecoming experiences are viewed as a part of the European context and as an example of a modern nation-state at war and in its aftermath. The significance of the history of emotions in the project is in bringing to fore the network of emotions, which forms the basis for social relations of a society. Both the home front and the front – and their interaction – are studied. The post-war manifestations of emotional conflicts and relations created by the wartime will be analyzed.

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Further contacts:

Prof. Henrik Meinander, henrik.meinander(at)

Dr. Tuomas Tepora, tuomas.tepora(at)

Dr. Ville Kivimäki, ville.j.kivimaki(at)

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