Climate Turbulence and Democratic Experimentation

10-11 June 2024

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (HCAS), University of Helsinki Fabianinkatu 24 A, 3rd floor

Prof David Schlosberg, Erkko Visiting Professor, HCAS

Climate change is unsettling, both emotionally as seen in the increase in climate anxiety, and materially as seen in the community impacts and displacements caused by climate impacts. The constant disruption and displacement of connections to place, to immersive and entangled environments is, increasingly, turbulence, or the experience of being unsettled. In response, numerous forms of democratic innovation and experimentation have been developed by academics and/or implemented in communities at risk. From deliberative climate assemblies to community-based disaster and resilience planning, democratic innovations and experimentation are engaging the unsettled experiences of climate change.

This workshop will examine climate turbulence and a range of democratic responses. How do we understand and experience climate turbulence? What is the relationship between such turbulence and climate injustice? Collectively, we will explore how forms of democratic practice, and of ecological engagement and practice, have been or can be developed in response to such turbulence, environmental crises, and climate disasters.