Feeling and thinking

Feeling and thinking is a multidisciplinary network for emotion and affect studies which brings into unconventional dialogue mutually interconnected but often separated areas of emotion research (e.g. the cognitive study of emotions, the cultural study of affect, the varied critical traditions in the philosophy of emotions) and aims at the cross-fertilization of these fields. In particular, the network focuses on the overlapping of affective and cognitive aspects of human mind and culture. By exploring varied conceptions of emotions and affects deriving from a wide range of disciplines, the network endeavours to understand the ways in which emotions influence the producing of (scientific) knowledge on the one hand, and the methods by which knowledge about emotions themselves is produced on the other.

Co-ordination and planning:

Pirjo Lyytikäinen, Professor (Finnish literature)
Riikka Rossi, Docent (Adjunct professor), University researcher (Finnish literature)
Mikko Salmela, Docent (Adjunct professor), University researcher (Social and moral philosophy)

Network members:

Mervi Helkkula, Professor (French language)
Anna Hollsten, Docent (Adjunct professor), Senior lecturer (Finnish literature)
Minna Jaakola, Docent (Adjunct professor), Senior lecturer (Finnish language)
Kasper Kristensen, Doctoral candidate (Social and moral philosophy)
Tiina Onikki-Rantajääskö, Professor (Finnish language)
Anna Ovaska, Doctoral candidate (Finnish literature)
Merja Polvinen, Research fellow (English philology)
Heta Pyrhönen, Professor (Comparative literature)
Howard Sklar, Docent (Adjunct professor), University lecturer (English philology)
Tuomas Tepora, Docent (Adjunct professor) (Finnish and Nordic history)
Tero Eljas Vanhanen, Doctoral candidate (Comparative literature)

The network is funded by the Faculty of Arts, the University of Helsinki.

Contact: Sanna Paakki, sanna.paakki(at)helsinki.fi