Next Stop: Bibliotheca Baltica at Södertörn

The 12th Bibliotheca Baltica Symposium will be held at the Södertörn University on the 9th and 10th of October 2014. Bibliotheca Baltica, says the website, aims at uniting all types of libraries in the Baltic Sea Area in recognition of their joint responsibility to increase their efforts in preserving, developing, cataloging, publicizing, and making accessible their part of the Baltic Sea Area heritage. With 10 membering countries, I reckon, it is a beautifully formated goal for this consortium of research libraries.

This year’s symposium is dedicated to the questions on the uses and development of digital resources in research. Discussion on digital humanities and its connection to libraries has grown rapidly in the past several years, so how do the libraries face the new challenge? Are they capable of handling huge amounts of data? Do the research support services meet the researchers’ needs?

The Digitization Project of Kindred Languages of National Library of Finland will be present at the Södertörn as well. This time, our presentation will focus on the match-making our collections, the researchers and the laymen through nichesourcing. The slides of our presentation will be released later this week, but consult the abstracts for additional information: click here.

Pity, if you can’t make it to Södertörn, but one may also follow the symposium online. Check the Twitter stream via hashtag # The project manager will share his views on the event too. Follow the tweets of @Hakkarainen for his views.

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