ForSoil moves to

Hi ForSoil people!

The common website of soil research at the Dept. of Forest Sciences, ForSoil, is moving to a new blog  based website. The new site groundwork has been laid and you can check your personal and project info. The static pages are in both English and Finnish, but blog posts, such as this, don’t necessarily need to be translated. Fresh photos, content, comments and corrections are welcome!

Also if you’d like to use the new site as an actual blog for your project, that would add some very welcome life and interactivity to the site. Please just let me know, and we’ll get it set up right away. Then you can post here directly with your own project or topic tags.

Although you can see these pages, Google search should not as of yet. As soon as I get ”all clear” from at least some of you, I’ll fix that. Currently, comments are allowed on most pages, but will be checked by the moderator (me for now) before they are published.

Cheers, Anu