About the network

The Finnish Russian network in Russian and Eurasian studies in the field of social sciences and humanities (FRRESH) offers systematic multidisciplinary research training in a cross-national academic context. The network’s activities are designed to systematically increase students’ knowledge and expert skills and to reinforce the sense of a cross-national research community.

Since its foundation in 2016, the FRRESH network offers an innovative and cohesive syllabus which covers the theoretical approaches, methodologies, data gathering and practical expert skills necessary in the field of multidisciplinary Russian and Eurasian studies, which often challenge major western paradigms and practices.

The syllabus and the activities organized by the network also take into account the demands of the global academic job market, and provide training on expert skills such as argumentation and project management.

The FRRESH network offers a genuine research community for its participants. It gathers together PhD students, post-docs and senior researchers from different disciplines and countries, creating a cross-faculty community where ideas, experiences and different approaches can be shared, put to the test and successfully developed. Cooperating and networking between scholars and students from Russia and the Eurasian region will widen and deepen the understanding of the research area and the societies and cultures of the region.


Aleksanteri Institute (University of Helsinki)

European University at St. Petersburg

Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen

Between 2016-2019, FRRESH events have gathed together over 100 students and speakers from 22 different universities: Finland (Universities of Helsinki UH, Eastern Finland UEF, Tampere UTA, Lapland UL, Oulu, Turku UTU), Russia (European University of St. Petersburg EUSP, Higher School of Economics HSE, Moscow State Institute of International Relations MGIMO, Moscow State University), Germany ( Universities of Bremen UBRE, Ruhr– BochumWuppertal, Passau UP)Netherlands (Erasmus University of Rotterdam, University of Amsterdam UA ), UK (Universities of Glasgow UGAberystwyth UAb)  as well as from Dublin City University DCU, University of Tartu, New York University NYU and University of Kiev UK 

Funded by Kone Foundation