Please prepare a vertically oriented poster in approximately A0 size (84.1 x 118.9 cm). On site posters are numbered as below:

  1. Valeriia Dotsenko (Viiri): Transglutaminase 2 inhibitor protects from gluten-induced intestinal damage in celiac disease – Transcriptomic analysis of a randomized gluten challenge study
  2. Veera Luukkonen (Meinander): Detection and quantification of methionine 1 -linked ubiquitin chains in intestinal inflammation and cancer models
  3. Terhi Rintakangas (Hietakangas): Integrated stress response in intestinal stem cells -molecular mechanisms and role in aging
  4. Nicole Lamichane (Hietakangas): A novel mechanism for serotonin-mediated tissue turnover
  5. Gaia Fabris (Hietakangas): PWP1 mediates intestinal stem cell homeostasis in a nutrient dependent manner and affects aging
  6. Cornélia Biehler (Hietakangas): Histidine metabolism plays a critical role during cell fate program
  7. Tetiana Strutynska (Mattila): Role of nuclear factor Y box A for intestinal homeostasis
  8. Anna Aalto (Meinander): Met1-linked ubiquitination facilitates NF-κB activation and survival during sterile inflammation
  9. Joel Nyström (Toivola): Keratins stabilize mitochondria and maintain mitochondrial activity in colonic epithelial cells
  10. Toni Lemmetyinen (Ollila): Gdnf-Ret signaling regulates enteroendocrine cell differentiation
  11. Maria Ilomäki (Toivola): Sequential downregulation of intestinal keratin 8 in mice identifies diarrhea, colon crypt elongation and epithelial erosion as early phenotypical events
  12. Erdogan Pekcan Erkan (Seppälä): Molecular profiling of patient-derived tumor organoids reveal drug sensitivities in colorectal cancers
  13. Emma Viitala (Ollila): Putative role for GAS6-AXL pathway in regulating homeostatic and tumorigenic intestinal fibroblasts
  14. Ella Salminen (Katajisto): The effect of basement membrane composition on the clonal dynamics of intestinal stem cells
  15. Marika Lassila (Alitalo): Tcf1 transcription factor counteracts tumor cell growth and dedifferentiation in intestinal tumors
  16. Cinzia Bessone (Alitalo): Prox1 transcription factor controls stem and progenitor cells in the healthy intestinal epithelium
  17. Josef Gullmets (Hietakangas/Meinander): Histone Methylation Regulates Diet-dependent Intestinal Stem Cell Activation
  18. Seyedehshima Naddafi (Najumudeen): Metabolic reprogramming of colorectal cancer by solute carriers