Cosmology Master's student at University of Helsinki


Updated 5.3.2024


I am a theoretical physicist with a versatile experience in research and teaching. I am keen on understanding the universe using computational methods within cosmology and astrophysics. During my studies, I have been actively involved in student organisation work and study advocacy.


Master of Science, 2021 — present
Particle Physics and Cosmology, additional studies in programming and astrophysics
University of Helsinki

MSc thesis: Exploring the gravitational wave power spectrum from first-order phase transitions (preliminary title)

Bachelor of Science, 2018 — 2021
Theoretical Physics, additional studies in astronomy
University of Helsinki

BSc thesis: Heat fluctuations in a driven metallic island


I have worked as a research assistant in three different research groups.

Computational Field Theory, 1 — 8/2023 and 6 — 8/2022
Project 1: Studying the B-mode polarisation of the cosmic microwave background to constrain early-universe physics with the Boltzmann code CLASS
Project 2: Developing the PTPlot tool using Python to study gravitational waves from early-universe phase transitions
Department of Physics and Helsinki Institute of Physics, University of Helsinki

Planetary-System Research, 6 — 8/2021
Project: Studying the scattering of light from smooth and rough surfaces using the discrete dipole approximation software ADDA
Department of Physics, University of Helsinki

Quantum Transport, 6 — 8/2020
Project: Studying theoretically the heat and energy fluctuations in a driven metallic island using Mathematica
Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University


I have worked as a teaching assistant at the Department of Physics of the University of Helsinki on the following courses.

Cosmology Summer School, four-day intensive course in 5/2024 (organiser)
Cosmology I — II
, 9 — 12/2023 and 9 — 12/2022
Physics for Natural Scientists, 1 — 3/2021


I have a wide experience in voluntary organizational work, which has taught me a lot about taking responsibility, being proactive and advocating for students. In this work I have held many different positions of trust, which are listed below.

SFMO ry, Finnish Physics and Maths Students’ Association
Board member (2024)

Matlu ry, Faculty of Science Students’ Association, UH
Board member, Study Committee Chair, Study Coordinator (2023)

Resonanssi ry, Physical Sciences Students’ Association, UH
Chair (2022), Study Coordinator (2020 — 2022), Vice Chair (2021), Harassment Contact Person (2021), Secretary (2020), Event Coordinator (2019 — 2020), Fresher Coordinator (2019)

Integralis ry, Bachelor’s Programme in Science Students’ Association, UH
Auditor (2024)

Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki (UH)
Faculty Committee member (2024), Education Committee member (2023), Steering Group member of Master’s Programme in Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences (2021 — 2024) and Bachelor’s Programme in Physical Sciences (2021 — 2022), Student Ambassador (8/2020 — 11/2021), Tutor (8 — 12/2019)


J. Häkkinen, Technical note for PTPlot, Included in public code release of PTPlot v1.1.0 (2023)


Bachelor Honours, 2021
An award given for an excellent study record in a Bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Science of the University of Helsinki.

Excellent Matriculation Examination, 2018
A stipend of 200 € given for an excellent performance in the Finnish matriculation examination at the Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School.

Pro Lingua Medal, 2018
A medal given for excellent and diverse studies and keen interest in languages at the Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School.


Finnish — native proficiency
English — full working proficiency
Swedish — limited working proficiency
German — limited working proficiency
Spanish — elementary proficiency