Peer-reviewed journal articles and chapters

2019                  Adjudicating Religious Intolerance: Afro-Brazilian Religions, Public Space and the National Collective in Twenty-First-Century Brazil. Religion and Society: Advances in Research 10: 92-110.

2019                  Candomblé and the Academic’s Tools: Religious Expertise and the Binds of Recognition in Brazil. American Anthropologist 121 (4): 815-829.

2019                  Evaluating faith after conversion: Arguments in religious media on the place of religious expertise in asylum appeals in Finland. Approaching Religion 9 (1-2): 41-56.

2018                  A Politics of Respect: Reconfiguring Democracy in Afro-Brazilian Religious Activism. American Ethnologist 45(1):87-99.

2017                  Chronotopic Realignments and the Shifting Semiotics and Politics of Visibility in Brazilian Candomblé Activism. Signs and Society 5 (2): 356-389.

Forthcoming     Kuka harjoittaa afrobrasilialaisia uskontoja, sanoo sen! Väestönlaskentakampanja aktivistivaltion rakentajana Brasiliassa 2010 [Those who practice Afro-Brazilian religions, says they do! Building the activist state through a census campaign in Brazil in 2010]. To be included in edited volume “Valtion Antropologiaa” [Anthropology of the State] edited by Heikki Wilenius and Tuomas Tammisto. To be published by Finnish Literature Society in June 2021.


Non-refereed articles, chapters and commentaries 

Accepted           Invited commentary on Lebner, Ashley “The Work of Impossibility in Brazil: Friendship, Kinship, Secularity.” Current Anthropology.

2020                  Religion, Law, and Bolsonaro’s Decree on Essential Services. Cultural Anthropology Covid-19, Fieldsights, May 12.

2008                  African Accents, Speaking Child Spirits and the Brazilian Popular Imaginary: Permutations of Africanness in Candomblé. In Africas of the Americas: Beyond the Search for Origins in the Study of Afro-Atlantic Religions, Stephan Palmié (ed.). Leiden: Brill. 323-349.

2004                  The Power of Restricted Knowledge: A Research Report. Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society 3: 28-42.


Other publications

2020                  Koronapandemia ja arjen ristiriidat (The Corona pandemic and the contradictions of the everyday) [In Finnish]. (co-authored with Venla Oikkonen). Ilmiö: sosiologinen media kaikille, April 10.

2019                  Nimittelyn loukkaavuus ei ole asennekysymys (The offensiveness of epithets is not a question of attitude) [In Finnish]. News commentary on attitudinal survey study on use of epithets on public discourse commisioned by Kunnallisalan kehittämissäätiö. Antroblogi 25.10.2019.

2018                  Editorial: on open access publishing. Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society 1: 1-5. (co-authored with Andrew Graan, Timo Kallinen, Ville Laakkonen, Tuomas Tammisto, Pekka Tuominen, and Matti Eräsaari).

2010                 Missä Afrikka? Kenen Afrikka? (Where Africa? Whose Africa?) [In Finnish] Nuori Voima 2-3/2010 (Finnish journal in literary and cultural studies) Invited article on Africanness in the diaspora for special issue on Africa. (13 p.)