Helsinki Planetary Health Targets

Who are we? What are we interested in?

We are group of researchers from different disciplinies working at the University of Helsinki Medical Faculty or in ongoing research in health systems and sustainability.

Aims of our joint Hub is to work on with four dimensions of sustainability,  ecological, social,  cultural and economical sustainability in health systems. 

Professor Kristiina Patja, Healthcare Science

Associate professor Paulus Torkki, Healthcare Management

D.Sc. (Econ.) Ira Haavisto

Dr. Jaana Laisi, Ph.D, BA (sustainability)

Dr. Iiris Hörhammer, D.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management

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Questions we are interested in for example:

  1. Ecological:  Health system change measures for zero emissions and impact for loss of diversity
  2.  Social: System building and facilitate measuring of outcomes for population and targeted groups
  3. Cultural: Health system sustainability leadership and management with competency building
  4. Economical: Measures for change and incentives in implementing innovative solutions

System thinking for effective services

  • Effective and cost-effective care and services as well as policies for service integration.
  • System-sensitive transformations for efficiency: implementation, monitoring and management.

Zero emission solutions

  • Circularity and life-cycle approaches for care process and infrastructure
  • Reducing health care impact on biodiversity loss

Population health in combining the perspectives of ecological, cultural, and social sustainability for healthcare

  • Wellbeing among vulnerable groups
  • Health and sustainability literacy
  • Measurement and evaluation frameworks in combining prevention, cure, care with subjective wellbeing and sustainability.

Responsible and efficient application of novel information and computing technology

  • Data-driven approaches for continuous assessment of new and existing technology and human practices in the social and health services.
  • Application of real-world observational and experimental designs, machine learning techniques, spatial data methods and qualitative inquiry.

Leadership and change management models for healthcare with societal perspective

  • Strengthening resilience, social justice, mitigation
  • Management of environmental impacts with legal and ethical considerations