Yes this is shark speaking

Our GPRS shield and mascot

We have been working on ship-land-ship communications. We got our server running via cPouta service and our phone is programmed and ready to deliver all the important messages using a mobile internet connection.

Bad news are that our DC-motor stopped co-operating and now we have to find a new one in order to test our boat in action. Everything else is ready for the first swim!

Calibration under process

Build marathon day 2: With a bit of convincing our arduino indeed agreed to co-operate. Calibrating our compass and accelometer required some dancing with the hull (see video below) but they are now calibrated. The weather is wonderful and luckily today we are testing and calibrating stuff so we get to go outside.

Väinö is enjoying Finnish summer with our submarine. Arduino was a bit grumpy in the beginning.

Finally some progress!

It’s been a long struggle to get the submarine water proof but after couple weeks of trying we finally got the hull water proof!

No leaking even though we filled the almost the whole hull with water! Hope it works from outside to inside too. We also tested the shaft seals and they weren’t leaking either.

We also connected the rudder to the servo motor and it’s working great!