The purpose of our Helsinki Green Business & Economics Research Alliance is to bring together researchers from the Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry (Dept. of Economics & Management and the Dept of Forest Sciences) for joint research and teaching initiatives. Based on Viikki campus, we provide a unique profile of expertise in the areas of economics, marketing and business management applied to the green economy. Our group applies a versatile set of methodological approaches in the field and in the laboratory.”

Areas of research and expertise

Sustainability in organizations: Bodo SteinerStefano GhinoiTuija Virtanen,

Our research covers in agri-food-forestry companies from a triple-line bottom perspective.


Innovation & Technology: Bodo Steiner, Chiara Lombardini, Pasi Heikkurinen, Petri Parvinen, Stefano Ghinoi

Our research focuses on innovation and novel technologies in agri-food-forestry sectors.


Education for sustainability: Chiara Lombardini, Mika Rekola

Our research focuses on educational resources and learning environments for sustainability.


(In alphabetical order)

Prof. Bodo Steiner

  • Keywords for research interests: Social Networks, strategic alliances & sustainability in agri-food-forest value chains
  • Keywords for methods: micro-econometrics, social network analysis 
  • Ongoing projects: value creation & organizational design issues in agri-business value chains, ecological footprint labeling and implications for supply chain management, strategic alliances & agri-environmental management schemes 

Dr. Chiara Lombardini

  • Keywords for research interests: Economic education, Sustainable food consumption 
  • Keywords for methods: Field and laboratory experiments, microeconometric
  • Ongoing projects: Flipped teaching and students’ learning, The role of social norms in sustainable food choices: an examination in six workplace restaurants

Dr. Mika Rekola

  • Keywords for research interests: Forest Education, Ecosystem Services, E-learning/Virtual reality 
  • Keywords for methods: Student-centered learning experiences, Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) 
  • Ongoing projects: Global Outlook on Forest Education

Dr. Petri Parvinen

  • Keywords for research interests: Industry transformation, Virtual reality, E-selling  
  • Keywords for methods: Field experiments, Dynamic learning algorithms, User-centric design research 
  • Ongoing projects: Benefits of mixed reality technologies, Dynamic pricing and budgeting, VRForest 

Dr. Stefano Ghinoi 

  • Keywords for research interests: Organizational networks, Innovation, and Policy evaluation
  • Keywords for methods: social network analysis
  • Ongoing projects:

Dr. Tuija Virtanen

  • Keywords for research interests: Sustainability reporting, Sustainability measurement,  Accountability 
  • Keywords for methods: Case study, Qualitative research
  • Ongoing projects: Sustainability: target accountability and target measurability, Supply chains and integrated steps towards sustainability reporting 






Our methodological approaches


  • Field experiments 
  • Attribute-based-choice experiments
  • Laboratory experiments
  • Narrative analysis
  • Integrated modeling
  • Microeconometrics
  • Time-series analysis
  • Surveys & Interviews
  • Volatility modeling
  • Stochastics frontier analysis
  • Benchmarketing
  • Stochastic dynamic programming
  • Mathematical modeling and optimization