The Helsinki School of Interculturality (HSI) is an initiative by a determined group of international and interdisciplinary scholars who want to push through a new agenda in the way the idea of the intercultural is dealt with in research, education, consulting and decision making.

The idea of setting up the HSI emerged from close cooperation between Fred Dervin (University of Helsinki, Finland) and Regis Machart (Universiti Putra Malaysia) and their dissatisfaction with the current exploitation of the idea of interculturality.

Through HSI international research and teaching projects are applied for. Online and face-to-face seminars and conferences are also regularly organized.

HSI promotes research and publications of books and journal articles amongst its members.

In order to join the HSI potential candidates need to send in an application form and tell us why they would like to join and their take on interculturality. The applications are reviewed by the steering committee.

Please read the Charter before applying.


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4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I’m just a beginner in the field of Intercultural Communication in which I’m very interested in. In my teaching process, I have noticed that the integration of the knowledge of ICC will greatly arouse students’ curiosity and promote the study of English. Meanwhile, I feel an urgent need to learn more about ICC as well as more opportunities to communicate with more scholars worldwide so as to gain inspiration from them.

  2. I am teaching EFL in intercultural context to students who are 19-20 years old in CGUST. I am quite intersitng the current state of Intercultural Communicative Language Teaching and eager to learn more about the present development og ICC, especially about the assessment of interculturality. So, hope I can join this HSI and share and learn from the other schlolars and researchers. my interests include intercultural studies, citizenship education, second language acquisition, TESOL, identity politics. Thanks very much.

  3. I am currently researching interculturality in pathway courses to higher education in Australia. I am critical of the absence of intercultural perspectives in pathway units and am researching avenues to integrate diverse cultural views in curricula and throughout the pathways contexts. I envisage that in such units/courses (for example, Academic Communication in Business and Economics), interculturality would not be an assessable subject but the way that the content is taught and the content that was presented would be more open to intercultural perspectives. My research is predominantly investigating how government policy, administrators, tutors, and students would consider these changes to current pathway contexts.

  4. I’m very happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

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