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The co-editors for Volume 6 of Helsinki English Studies , a special issue on English as a lingua franca, were Anna Mauranen and Niina Hynninen. They can be reached at anna.mauranen(at) and niina.hynninen(at)

The editor for Volume 5 of Helsinki English Studies , “Emotions: Implications for Literary, Linguistic and Translation Studies,” was Howard Sklar. He can be reached at howard.sklar(at)

The editor for Volume 4 of Helsinki English Studies, “The Road to Translation — Festschrift in Honour of Ritva Leppihalme/Polkuja Kääntämiseen — Juhlakirja Ritva Leppihalmeelle,” was Outi Paloposki. Please direct questions or comments about that issue to her at outi.paloposki(at)

The editor for Volume 3 of Helsinki English Studies, “Special Issue on Literary Studies,” was Joseph Flanagan. He can be reached at joseph.flanagan(at)

The editor for Volume 2 of Helsinki English Studies, “Corpora in Today’s English Studies,” was Arja Nurmi. She can be reached at arja.nurmi(at)

The editor for Volume 1 of Helsinki English Studies, “Special Issue on Translation Studies,” was Ritva Leppihalme.

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