Seminars and workshops

Our monthly workshop seminar programme:

Venue: Think Company (Vuorikatu 5)

In our seminars we discuss with experts about the issues related to democracy and pedagogy. The seminars are open to all interested ones.

Wednesday 4.2.  16.30-18.00, Aleksanteri Institute

Target countries Belarus, Georgia and Turkey

Tuesday 10.3. 16.00-17.45, Think Company (Vuorikatu 5)

How to teach democracy, human rights, critical thinking and other topics considered as taboos? Meet Dr. Fisun Aksit (Turkish Teacher Education) and Prof. Emeritus Sam Mathews (via Skype), University of West Florida

Wednesday 25.3. 16.30-18.00, Think Company (Vuorikatu 5)

Democracy studies

Wednesday 29.4. 16.30-18.00, Think Company (Vuorikatu 5)

Deliberative pedagogy

The schedule of May and June seminars will be provided later.


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